Hedonutopia is an indie-electronic music band from Istanbul. Its name comes from the merging of two words “hedonism” and “utopia”. The band members are Fırat Külçek on guitars and vocals, Kerem Feyzi on synths and samples. With the electronic rythms, flying melodies and deep vocals that seem to be coming from distance; the duo stroll through vast geography stretching from the barren lands of experimentalism to the deep waters of melancholy.
In 2016, Hedonutopia won 18th Radio Bogazici’s Battle of the Bands music contest. In the end of the 2016, their debut album “Ucube Dizayn”, in the end of the following year, “Yari Cennet” and in 2018, “Yakamoz Sandalı" were released via Dokuz Sekiz Music.
"ARZU UTOPYASI" coming soon.

Bil ki

Director: İsmail Cagri Aygun
Lyrics & Music: Hedonutopia
Music Production: Taner Yucel
Recording-Arrangment-Mix: Taner Yucel
Mastering: Chris Sansom
Cinematographer: Hamza Erhan Gürpınar
Editing: Batuhan Yildiz
Color: Erman Zambak
Production: Cotton Film

Dokuz Sekiz Music

Hedonutopia’s new song “Bil ki” is a wistful dream pop journey

Photograph: Nazli Erdemirel

Hailing from the teeming city of Istanbul, Hedonutopia have just unveiled their third album Yakamoz Sandalı. For this new p…roject, the duo comprising Fırat Külçek on guitars and vocals and Kerem Feyzi on synths and samples notably enrolled Jakuzi’s producer Taner Yucel.

Hedonutopia: "We have no practicing culture"

I met with Firat Kulcek and Kerem Feyzi. In a word: Hedonutopia.Indeed it has a long story. The story that is long and worth listening to. Just as their music. When we met for Noktali Virgul, we were like skipping rocks on water. Not only the part which was viewed in the video, but also before and after it was a quite different conversation.


 ‘ARZU UTOPYASI‘ ilk konser
Salon İKSV // İstanbul



Manager: Seray Saltik